2nd May 2016

We’ve had a whole variety of weather today, with a lovely sunny finish. North of the station we have dismantled a large length of lineside fence, some of which had already collapsed probably due to deer trying to jump over it. A start has been made installing replacement posts, 10 so far, although there are another 30 plus to do. With the fence missing we hope to get the ditch cleared out there next weekend (its never been done by us).
At the station, the replacement window cill on the Booking Office has been sealed and painted. The repaired Meschersmitt wing has gone into undercover store and the second one brought in for a similar repair project. We were given a more powerful saw bench last year, which passed a PAT safety test but could only take imperial cutting blades. Thanks to one of our volunteers undertaking a homework project, he was able to source a conversion kit to allow the saw to accept modern metric saw blades. We hope to use this to prepare the woodwork for the repair of the Palvan doors.
Weighbridge Teas were hoping for a busier day, but the poor weather until after lunch kept the visitors away.

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