25th, 26th June 2016

The marquees have survived the week with the heavy rain, but the grass needed cutting again.
In the Station Yard, excellent progress has been made on the new storage shed. The remaining 3 doors are now made and screwed together, with the small shed door fixed into place. Following a delivery of recycled slates, we have got most of the roof slated now. The far end awaits a finish off, once we have the timber edge piece underneath fitted. Talking of the far end, the timber planks are now fitted completing the exterior face. A few palings are needed to cover the joints. On the front of the shed, the remaining bits of various wooden trims and palings have been cut and fitted. The top facing board over the rafter ends has been cut and fitted, giving a nice neat view from the front.
The signal box exterior door has been sanded down, primed, undercoated and top coated over the course of the weekend. In the Gents toilet, the loose stall rose has been soldered back into place ensuring the water flushes down the slates and nowhere else!
A late night on Friday saw the Weighbridge Team fit a dishwasher under the counter in the Weighbridge. This will save a lot of manual washing up, together with a reduction in the use of disposable polystyrene plates and cups. Over the weekend itself they had a steady trade, helped by a couple of trains waiting at the station for a while which allowed the passengers to use our catering outlet.

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