15th, 16th & 17th June 2016

It’s been a 3 day weekend this time, as on Friday we were joined by 9 members of Network Rail who came to work with us for a day. They helped us replace the timberwork on a platform bench which had gone rotten. We’ve had the timber in store, ready for this purpose for quite a while, and the job finally came to the top of the list. The timber purlin in the Gents roof has also been rotten for a while, and they helped us carefully dismantle the glass roof and remove the rotten beam. A quick clean up then allowed a new beam (prepared last weekend) to be slotted in and the roof reinstated. In readiness for this year’s Wartime Weekend new timber framing has been put together, using recycled timber from Thor, to allow an improved look to the observation tower (and it will also make it quicker and easier to erect). As you can see, it’s surprising how much just a few bodies can do over 1 day. We had support from Weighbridge Teas, who opened especially for us, on the Friday. They also had some passing trade, plus train crews who made use of the special opening as well.
Come the weekend proper and work continued on the new shed, albeit on the back out of view, where the rear wall was finished off and the gutter board fitted. On the dock, further metalwork for the turntable was cleaned down and primed. One task that took most of Sunday was repairing a couple of split water pipe joints (we don’t know why they split, as they were in a manhole packed with insulation). It’s surprising how such a small job can be so fiddly when in a confined manhole, and the new joints are a slightly different design!
Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend, with plenty of visitors buying their wares and enjoying using crockery, rather than the paper and polystyrene plates. It also looks more appetising and is more environmentally friendly, and with the new dishwasher, cleaning them is not a problem.

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