23rd, 24th July 2016

We’ve had another glorious weekend of sun. The roses are wonderful at the moment, the sun is obviously bringing them to the fore. However, the rest of the gardens still need weeding and tying back to keep everything under control.
Following on from last weekend, the lead flashing around the Gents roof light has been fitted and pointed into place. Whilst we were up there we also took the opportunity to clean the skylights on the Ladies toilet – you can see out of them again now! The gutters were also cleaned of lots and lots of loco ash and weeds.
All the windows around the station have been given a good clean – you can see out of them too. Those in the General Room were particularly bad, inside and out.
Whilst finishing off the Gents roof, we noticed that the adjacent Coal Hole roof was dipping rather alarmingly. Upon investigation several slate laths had rotted and one of the rafters was rather poor, so it was off with the slates, laths and rotten timber. A good sweep down followed, before the remaining timber was given a good coat of rot proofing liquid. 2 new rafters were made, using recycled timber, and installed before underfelt (a first for this roof) was fixed in place. The slates will follow once we have some laths. A first for the coal hole was the installation of a gutter, which will be used to fill a gardening water butt.
In the Station Yard, the new shed has had the doors fitted with pull handles to make opening and closing them easier. All the shiny galvanised bolts have been painted to tone them down. The north end barge board has been installed, completing this end of the shed. Recycled plastic guttering has been sourced for the rear of the shed ready for fitting next weekend.
The wicket gate next to the signal box had a small amount of rot in it. This has been cut out, replaced, filled and primed. As the rest of the gate was dirty it was given a sand down before the whole gate received a layer of undercoat.
The Junior Volunteers were down today for their briefing prior to their work week. They moved the bar tent from the station yard into the paddock for their equipment to be laid out in. Following the briefing they dismantled the tent and helped us put it away.
Weighbridge Teas had another excellent weekend, with lots of sandwiches, cakes and ice cream sold in addition to hot and cold drinks. They were also in early on Thursday this week serving ice creams to a large pre-booked school party.

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