9th, 10th July 2016

We’ve had lots of classic and vintage cars and motorbikes with us this weekend. There was no band this year so the Real Ale tent was moved into the Station Yard, where you could sit with a pint and admire the cars.
In the Paddock some of the loose edge units along the back of the platform have been carefully taken down, and refixed into their correct position. The grass has had a good cut all over, now the marquees and attendant spikes are all out of the way.
On the new Yard shed door locks have been fitted to the last 2 doors, and further trim and insulation has also been installed. The fence adjacent to the Signal Box had a decayed top rail, which we have replaced with a recovered one from our stores. Unfortunately to do this you have to take off all the palings and reinstate them. Work on the Meschersmitt continues, with repairs to the cockpit section (although we only seem to be taking bits off so far!).
North of the station the next section of fence identified for replacement has had the area strimmed so we can actually find it (!). Hopefully we can start the dismantling next weekend.
Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend with lots of customers calling to sample their wares.

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