13th, 14th, 20th and 21st August 2016

It’s a bumper report this weekend, as your scribe decided to go on holiday last week (I know but it does happen sometimes!).
Last weekend the third milepost was cleaned off, primed and undercoated, whilst the other 2 received further coats of paint. The stores at the back of the yard, for the new shed, have been tidied up now and the fence moved back.
On the Camping Coach, the green gloss has been applied to the East side. We are now awaiting more cream undercoat so we can continue the works. Meanwhile painting continues on the mile posts.

This weekend work has continued on the yard shed, completing the insulating of the roof and then lining out the third compartment ready for its new role as the gardening tools shed. Concrete sealer has been applied to the raw floors therein. Work has commenced on a lean to on the end of the shed – this will be used to house all our road cones, further tidying up the yard.
Around the station, the grass has been cut, the edges strimmed and one of the trees pruned where it was starting to obstruct the driver’s view of one of the signals.
In the cottage, the fridge freezer has given up the ghost. Fortunately we had a spare, which we have used at Wartime Weekend in the Café Alle du Bois kitchen. We will have to get another now to replace this one.
Work continues on preparations for Wartime Weekend, with further improvements made to the viewing tower framework.
More fence posts have been moved up the line, ready for installation later this autumn. The mileposts have received further coats of paint, including the first of the black highlighting.
Weighbridge Teas have had a good couple of weekends, with a steady trade of passing customers keeping them busy and consuming all the stock. The fresh vegetable and flower cart has done well, green beans to the fore now, following the sweet peas!

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