10th, 11th September

Another wonderful weekend of sun allowed everyone to be out and about. We were joined by the Junior Volunteers and several families as part of the Family Volunteering Weekend. First up was an early start to improve the sighting of the outer home signal north of the station for loco crews. This involved more tree pruning along the fence line (it’s on the inside of a curve, hence we have to go back quite a way), where scrub and pine branches were obscuring the signal arm. The new fencing we installed a fortnight ago has had the remaining fence rails attached, completing this length. With 30 posts at £20 per length, it soon adds up. The remaining recovered fencing has been brought back to the station, de-nailed, sorted and stacked ready for re-use.
In the station yard fitting out the new shed continues, with conduit and cabling installed for the lights, the rest of the walls boarded and further shelving built in the Juniors’ stores. On the lean-to, a new fencing panel has been hung to hide the cones stored inside, again using recycled materials – specifically the fence rails just brought back! The reed fencing, fixed in place last weekend, has been painted brown to tone it down. 4 more picnic tables have been assembled from a kit of parts, 1 has been ordered by Goathland station to boost their capacity and will be delivered, once they pay up.
On the Camping Coach, the East side is now fully undercoated and half has been given a second coat. More to do next weekend!
Around the Station the grass areas have been cut, again, and all the edges strimmed – quite a long job. Also in the paddock, the Tea Hut rear has been repainted with green paint and the wriggly tin for the lookout tower (at Wartime) painted in camouflage colours. The lineside south of the paddock has had the scrub lopped back to keep it under check.
Weighbridge Teas has had another excellent weekend, with lots of bacon and sausage butties sold, along with cakes, sandwiches and ice creams.

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