24th, 25th September 2016

It’s been another good weekend, weather and work wise. The Camping Coach now sports it’s gloss paint all over. A lot of masking tape was used to get the joint between the two colours neat and tidy! It’s planned to get the lettering done (vinyls I’m afraid) this week. The refurbished seat has been completed and taken back to the coach and our temporary seat brought back. This latter seat has been stripped of loose paint and placed undercover to dry out.
Further steel brackets, bars, chains and pins have been cleaned of rust and primed. These will join those already completed in store until we have the new wooden parts to go with it. This will eventually come together as a new sheep gate to replace the rotten one which used to hang under bridge 15, north of the station.
Work has continued on the preparations for Wartime Weekend, with new noticeboards manufactured and painted. The key display items construction has continued with several sections manufactured and painted, whilst others are still in the planning stage. The rifle range area has had its first cut of the long grass. A start has been made gathering the trimmings, prior to a closer trim over the next fortnight.
Work on 2 of our box vans rotten doors has concentrated on the manufacture of new timber parts and the priming thereof. A lot of planning and sanding has ensued to get a good surface for painting.
The bar has been set up in the General Room, complete with bar tables, ready for next weekend’s 3 day gala. There will be a choice of Darwin Brewery’s Expedition Ale, or York Brewery’s Guzzler or Black Bess. They range from 3.6% to 4.2% ABV. There will also be wine available. Soft drinks, hot drinks, sandwiches, snacks and cakes will also be available from Weighbridge Teas.
In the new sheds, the gardening store has been fitted out with shelves and the tools transferred into it. This will allow the old store to be moved and the compost heap repositioned. Whilst all this was going on our gardeners were still tackling roses, bringing them under control, and tying them back ready for the winter.
Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend and are already planning for Christmas!

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