3rd, 4th September 2016

‘Normal’ service is now resumed. It’s been a damp weekend weather wise, but it didn’t stop our activities. Saturday morning dawned bright, so we have been out cutting a fallen log into large, heavy timbers to allow us to rebuild a large sheep gate which hung beneath Bridge 15, north of the station. We will allow these timbers to season for a year before we trim and plane them to the exact size we need. At the same time, a separate team were continuing the fence renewal beyond the outer home signal. The last 6 posts and top rails were installed (we now need more materials!). Two trips were made with the trolley to bring the last of the logs and old fencing back to the station for sorting, recycling or disposing.
With the onset of the rain we returned to the station for some indoor activities. The cockpit of the Meschersmitt has been tidied up and the pilot’s seat screwed into place. The outdoor seat from the Camping Coach has been stripped of paint, but unfortunately the seat back is rotten so it has had to come off. Fortunately, one of the donated timber planks we have been given this summer was just about the right size to replace it. This has been trimmed and planed to size, before a coat of primer was been applied to it. The last of the current batch of 3 mileposts has had the white gloss applied (2 coats) and one side has had the black highlighting applied.
Sunday started damp but improved during the day. In the station yard the new lean to roof to has been completed, with lead flashing, and the palings have been fixed over the joints to match the rest of the shed. The stored materials nearby have been tidied up and rationalised, to reduce the area they cover. The new steel fencing has been covered in the reed screens and this now hides the stored materials. The yard now looks a lot tidier. On the station gardens, a start has been made on cutting back the roses, now they have finished flowering.
This afternoon we had a visit from a group of Land Rover Mk2s who displayed opposite the cottages. A wide variety of types were present so you could see how versatile they were.
Weighbridge Teas had a reasonable weekend, considering the poor weather, and the Land Rover people were certainly appreciative of the service. They want to come again!

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