14th-16th October 2016

Well we had an excellent weekend, back in 1943, in Occupied Europe as we became Le Visham again. Our theme this year was Recruitment, with the Occupying Forces trying to recruit the locals to join up (during the war quite a lot did). There were stands from the Falshenmager (paratroopers), (Alpine Corps), Kriegsmarine (Navy) and Luftschtwardienst (female air force auxiliaries). Once recruits were signed up, it was off to the medical tent for a check-up before they were marched off. On the rifle range they were put through their paces in front of the audience, with varying degrees of competence. It was then time for the artillery to come forwards, with demonstrations from the anti-tank guns. A pair of Panzer MkIV tanks had been manufactured and placed on display there as well.
In the General Room the Germans had set up their Radio Room, whilst an observation tower allowed soldiers to keep an eye on visitors along the platform.
We had help again from the National Park rangers on traffic management, plus our Germans on level crossing control.
Weighbridge Teas, le Tea Hut and Le Café Alle du Bois were all open and busy. Everything from teas and coffees, through bacon sandwiches and sweet treats, to full dinners were available and went like hot cakes. The enlarged marquee, with new layout and additional tables, was a big success. There was even a small stage at the far end for the singer to perform on!
Lots of visitors came to see us, enjoyed the displays and hopefully learnt a bit more about the war.
All this was only possible thanks to over 50 re-enactors, 30 Wombles and 20 guest catering staff. An excellent dinner was held on the Saturday evening for all re-enactors and Wombles, cooked by Head Chef MacWomble as a thanks for all those who had participated over the weekend.

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