17th October 2016

Well we have turned the clock back to 1912 (from 1943) with all the French signs taken down, the General Room returned to ‘normal’ the bar and kitchen cleaned and dismantled; the catering equipment and goods returned to their rightful place along the railway; the green tent dismantled and taken to store; the main marquee dismantled and taken to store; the 2 tanks dismantled and tidied up; the Weighbridge returned to normal; the cones and signs recovered and put away!
The marquees cannot be dismantled until they are dry as we have no drying facilities. Fortunately the sun this morning did the trick but we cut it fine as heavy rain at lunch (not in the forecast) nearly soaked the canvas but a very quick dismantling, right at the end, saved the day. Two of the canvas’ are damaged so they have been taken away, by one of our team, to a firm he knows for repair. He also knows a firm who can make new road signs for us so he has another homework project now!
All this was only possible thanks a large number of Wombles who turned out to help today (15), plus 2 co-opted from the S&T!

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