29th, 30th October 2016

Happy Halloween! We have started the winter PWay works north of the station this weekend, with the removal of the concrete posts and (very) rusty wire between Bridge 14 and 15. This area is getting a full track and formation renewal, starting on the 7th November through to the Santas. We had been asked by the PWay gang to do this in advance of the main works. We are also on standby each weekend in November to help out with their works if they require extra labour – could you help them? Contact Martin Cannings at Newbridge if you could (01751 475302) martyn.cannings@nymr.co.uk
Back at the Station the work on tidying up the gardens for winter continues, whilst in the paddock the moles are having a field day digging up all our nice grass. In the Station Yard the internal lining of the kitchen storage shed is almost complete, which sounds easy, but there is a lot of cutting and fiddly work to do to get it in the corners properly.
The Palvan door rebuild continues, with the framing now mated up with the plywood back board. Multiple screws, filler and mastic now tie it all together. The trouble now is that the door is darn heavy to move around! The end is in sight though.
Weighbridge Teas have had another excellent weekend, with ghostly treats as well as their usual fare.
Don’t forget the Velocipede event on Tuesday; Weighbridge Teas will also be open from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Come and see these unusual machines, and have a bite to eat as well.

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