19th, 20th November 2016

The weather has been the opposite of last weekend, with a lovely day yesterday but wet today. As before, we were out with the PW gang working on Levisham straight, sorting out the west rail this time. We unclipped around 2000 pandrols, unbolted numerous fishplates, moved the rail along, lifted 3 field level crossings and put it all back together with the corrected fishplate gaps.
Back at the Station, the kitchen shed has had the floor sealed with floor paint and the fridges and kitchen units trial fitted. All this equipment has been donated to the Station.
In the Weighbridge the gang have been having a move around, with a replacement fridge freezer, of a better size and layout than the existing one (and donated again), put in. It did mean that some of the other units needed adjustment though. Another, older, unit which was getting towards the end of its life has been exchanged for the replaced fridge.
Our CCT van (the long red one against the Down platform) has an old roof canvas on it that is now leaking. We have placed one of our old marquee sheets over the top to provide an under-cover working area. This will allow us to replace some rotten timberwork on the sides of the roof in the dry, and allow the rest to dry out over the winter.
We are already looking at our work plan for our Christmas week (you have to work off all that turkey!). It looks like we might be laying a cable duct south from the Station, for the S&T team, down to the outer home signal half a mile away. As usual we will be using a mini digger to make our lives easier.

13th November 2016
Well we started with a good burn up on Friday evening, getting rid of the scrub and old rotten fencing, albeit a week later than we had planned.
Saturday dawned damp as we took delivery of come pre loved kitchen storage units for the new shed in the yard. With these safely under cover it was time to catch the train!
This was no ordinary passenger train but the Permanent Ways engineering train which we boarded to take us along Levisham straight. Once on site we helped with the un-clipping, un-fishplating and moving of the rails. Why, I hear you ask? The expansion gaps between rails were insufficient so the gaps required widening.
Saturday night was a big dinner event at the Black Bull pub just outside Pickering where 30 of the group got together for an evening together. Everyone enjoyed a good time, bar your Station Master who had to go to work that evening and missed the event.
Sunday was a re-run of Saturday, helping the PW team re-clip, re-fishplate and generally finish the job.

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