5th, 6th November 2016

What a wet bonfire weekend – so much for the bonfire, it was far too wet to even attempt to light it. We managed some fireworks, in between the heavy rain showers. Oh, and when it wasn’t raining, it was hailing!
Between Bridges 14 and 15 we have completed dismantling the fencing and moved the posts in to stacks at each end. During the week, the Pway team have dropped more materials off ready for the relay to start tomorrow.
At the Station, the brash left over from Wartime Weekend, in the Café, has been moved to the fire pile. Further brash has been collected and is now waiting for a dry period so we can burn it. Three large baulks of wood have been placed under cover to begin the process of drying out. These will form the main units of a new sheep gate for under Bridge 15.
In the new yard shed, a screed has been laid in the kitchen store to make a smoother floor. The large hob and oven has had its caster wheels refixed and it moves round a lot better now.
Weighbridge Teas had a quiet final weekend of the season, due to the poor weather. Overall they have broken their income record for the year, thanks mostly to the visit of Flying Scotsman. They re-open during Christmas Week for a few days.

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