10th, 11th December 2016

The mist has been to the fore this weekend, as has the frost.
North of the level crossing and storage huts we have finally installed two steel pipes to culvert the existing lineside ditch. Thanks to Martyn and the PW for supplying, delivering and lifting in the pipes. All we have to do now is backfill and level the area.
Work has continued on both storage vans. The Palvan door frame has been needle gunned (thanks to the off site S&T for their kit), as has the rest of the steel edge beam along the west side. A coat of primer has been applied to preserve it. On the East side and both ends the wet, rotten edge plywood has been stripped and the loose scale swept off. The worst of the hardy scale has been chipped off. This now awaits the needle gun to finish it off.
On the CCT, the rotten wood on the West side has been cut out or chiselled back to sound material. The bottom edge boards of the roof have been cut off where they were badly split. A new hardwood piece has been set into the frame, where the old beam had ‘passed on’. On the East side more serious rot has been discovered, leading to a large section of the roof beam being cut out and removed (some of it with a vacuum cleaner!). The bottom edge board of the roof has also been cut out where split. A new hardwood beam has been prepared for fitting.
The gardens have been spread with the manure collected last week. More manure is now required for the vegetable patches.
In the paint shop, several coats of paint have been applied to the miscellaneous steel and timber parts. One of our 6’ platform seats, which has been undercover for a while to dry out, is now well on the road to refurbishment with primer applied.

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