29th December 2016

29th December 2016
We hope you all had a very Happy Christmas and didn’t over indulge the turkey or Christmas pudding. We didn’t have a white Christmas but the hoar frost has given us that winter look.
Unfortunately the promised blog on Christmas Eve didn’t materialise due to my computer dying but we were out helping the PW unload sleepers near 14¼ milepost for their post Christmas relay and collecting old sleepers from the 13¼ milepost (the pre Christmas relay). At the station, we took delivery of an old NER box van body, which had been used as a store at Newbridge PW yard for many years. We had originally assumed we would be dismantling it for spares, but its condition is much better than we thought. Consequently we will be repairing it prior to it going to Goathland as a new store for the S&T. To that end, the loose and damaged felt roof covering has been stripped off, extraneous notices on the sides removed, the interior cleared of rubbish and recyclables. A temporary cover has been fitted over the whole van to keep it dry whilst we plan the next steps.
Since Christmas we have been concentrating on two projects; the mornings have been spent cutting down scrub at the next PW relay site, whilst the afternoons have been spent working on the CCT van at the station. The scrub has been a mix of willow and hawthorn, the latter is well knotted together (and prickly) and awful to work your way through. Hopefully the worst is behind us now. On the van, more rot has been cut out, allowing new hardwood sections to be manufactured and installed.
Weighbridge Teas have been open for the last 3 days, keeping staff and the occasional visitor warm with hot and cold drinks and mince pies. They are now having a well earned rest (to the Isle of Wight to start with) prior to re-opening for the February Half Term.

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  • Nick Carter:

    Well done Levisham.
    I am pleased the spiky bushes have gone. I was viciously attacked by them often on Friday 23rd slinging concrete sleepers and was almost on the point of emailing Ian wallis to add it to his ‘to do’ list!
    Also pleased that you are to re-use the van body. Do consider us if you need timber for restoration purposes as we still carry large stocks of seasoned quality timber planking which have come from various workshops/garages.
    Bryan mentioned the recyclable stuff, that you want fetching back to NB. Always glad of things to do whilst we are sat at the level crossing with the regulator, waiting for the tamper to join us after its post tamp ALC measuring run.

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