3rd, 4th December 2016

Well we have reached that magic month, when the Santa trains return to our line. No snow, but it was dry all weekend.
Work has continued on the Palvan, with the new door fully bolted into place and planed where necessary to give a good fit. The top timber beam of the doorway was very rotten and the steel frame behind it had a lot of scale and rust. These were preventing the door closing properly, so we have taken the timber down and begun the task of chipping off the scale and cleaning off the rust back to good steel. Unfortunately one job leads onto another – the plastic roof sheet on this van is also in poor condition. Removal of the sheet showed that the edges of the timber ply underneath had rotted. Fortunately the main roof is one large sheet and the edges are a separate strip, 8” wide. The edges came off in pieces, some very small and some with a brush. This does allow us to clean down the top of the steel frame at the same time. A protective coat of primer has been applied to all the cleaned metalwork. Close of play tonight saw a large sheet covering the whole van, to keep it dry and secure.
Elsewhere we took delivery of another quarter mile post, for cleaning down and repainting. This has now been cleaned off and a coat of primer applied. In the Yard shed further storage cupboards have been fitted, prior to being filled up with items previously stored elsewhere.
Preparations have been made for the installation of 2 more large bore pipes in the ditch, to extend the viewing area north of the Station.

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