11th, 12th February 2017

Well, what a wet weekend! We started on Friday evening, arriving in a snow storm with everything covered in the white stuff. Saturday was a steady mix of rain and sleet, all day. Sunday was better, albeit snow and sleet showers.
A new bottom beam has been made for the NER grounded box van from an old hardwood sleeper. This is necessary as the majority of the original is missing. On the van itself the remaining bolts, which used to hold this beam, have been cut off. Inside the van, the primed interior steelwork has received a coat of undercoat and black gloss.
On the CCT, most of the new hardwood top beam has been cut, trimmed and installed. The top is starting to look like a van again now! Inside, new cover boards have been made to replace the missing and rotten ones. We have even been applying paint now we have wire wheeled the steelwork and sanded the woodwork on the ceiling.
In the paint shop several rail off cuts have been primed and undercoated, and more wood for the CCT has been primed and undercoated ready for installation. The bench seating in the General Room has also had another top coat on the seat where it gets scuffed by visitors.
Up the line we have continued cutting down brush and scrub in the snow showers, which has really opened up the visibility around the corner. Obviously we didn’t even try a fire (!) but that’s something to look forward to next weekend.

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