18th/19th February 2017

After last weekend was so wet, this one’s been much better – and the trains have returned!
After a month in use as our winter paint shop, the General Room has returned to passenger use. The timber has been emptied out (a lot of it is now refitted), the 6’ platform benches put outside and the floor vacuumed.
On the CCT further coats of paint to the ceiling have been applied, and the cover boards on the side refitted. The hardwood framing, installed last week, has been planed to size and a coat of primer applied.
The NER box van has had its floor reinstalled and everything has been given a coat of wood preservative. The new cladding for one side has been given a coat of preservative and a first coat of black shed paint, prior to fitting.
Up the line we have had a couple of good fires, disposing of a lot of scrub to leave a tidy lineside with much improved visibility for both crew and passengers. There is even a nice view of the river now as well.
After a well deserved break, Weighbridge Teas have awoken from their post Christmas hibernation. A steady flow of visitors and staff kept them busy. They are in residence next weekend as well, ready to serve our passengers and visitors. They will also be open for every day of the Royal Scot visit in March.

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