25th, 26th February 2017

We’ve had another excellent weekend of progress.
The interior of the CCT is now looking very smart, with cream gloss applied on more of the ceiling and sides. A further area of ceiling has also been cleaned down and undercoated.
The NER van body now sports its new bottom beam! It went together remarkably easily, considering all the things that could have gone wrong with it. It is now bolted into place and ready for the new vertical planks to be fitted. Talking of planks, the last few have been treated with preservative and then painted ready for use. The other side of the body also needs 12’ of bottom beam, which has been made out of hardwood this weekend and is ready for installation.
Further up the line the cutting and burning of the scrub continues, with a couple of good fires swallowing up the brash over the weekend.
The gardeners have been in attendance again, cutting down the old foliage ready for the new season. Another load of well-rotted manure has been delivered ready for spreading where necessary.
South of the station, one of the lineside ditches has been cleaned out, ready for piping where the railway is too close to the edge to keep the ditch clear.
Weighbridge Teas were in residence again this weekend and had a steady trade each day.
We are just about ready for the Womble Work Week, which commences next Saturday for a 9 day work-athon. Could you help us over some of that time? Weighbridge Teas will also be in attendance to support us.

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