12th March 2017

We have all survived the Womble Work Week, and a lot has been achieved. Thanks to one of our volunteer’s contacts, we have taken delivery of a large amount of ply off cuts from a local firm. The ply is a mix of 1/8” through to ¼” thick and is ideal for several projects we have coming up.
This weekend the NER van body has had the roof edge planks replaced, as they were split and rotten. Some of the ‘new’ ply has been fixed over the top of the roof planks and a layer of roofing felt laid down on top. We have started the process of manufacturing the last few pieces of new hardwood timber required, with the ‘blanks’ prepared from an old ‘pre-loved’ sleeper.
More scrub, cut down last year where we are renewing the lineside fence, has been tidied up and burnt. Some scrap fencing was brought back to the station; the good pieces have gone into store, whilst the rest joined the pyre.
A new cupboard has been made and painted ready for installation in the Booking Office next weekend. This will help store the printer, paper and the EPOS retailing equipment.
The CCT is now all glossed on the inside after a couple of days of work. There is still a bit more work to do inside, including replacing another rotten door upright, but the end is definitely in sight. On the roof, the first of the ply cover sheets have been fixed into place.
We were joined by drivers from a main line company today for a photo shoot for a 2018 calendar. The calendar is in aid of one of the Cancer charities and followed the ‘Calendar Girls’ theme, although the drivers were all male. Look out for the Rail Rogues 2018 calendar on sale later this year!
Weighbridge Teas were again in residence to keep us supplied with tea on Saturday.
It’s now the end of the Womble Winter Work Week and we have achieved a lot. Thanks to all the volunteers, we achieved over 900 hours of labour – not bad for the smallest station of the railway!
We will continue next weekend…..

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