19th March 2017

Another good weekend of activities has been undertaken, it’s almost a shame that the trains start again next weekend.
The final few roof bolts have been fitted to the CCT, which has really pulled the boards tight onto the hoops. A further section of rotten timber has been discovered over an east side door. The top door runner and door have been removed to facilitate its renewal. The door runner was quite rusty on the rear, so this has been cleaned off and given a couple of coats of primer.
The NER van body west side upper doors have been lifted off, the hinge pins cleaned down and re-bushed before putting them back on. The drop down lower door steelwork has had welding repairs and been trial fitted so the bolts could be correctly located. This steelwork is now under cover and has benefitted from a couple of coats of primer. Pre-loved wood has been selected (Wombled) for the door and is drying out. Elsewhere on the van, more bolts have been fitted to the outside framing brackets.
In the Booking Office the new cupboard has been completed and installed. The EPOS equipment has been fitted and is ready for next weekends christening.
North of the Station, the level crossing rubber panels have been reinstalled at Platelayers crossing now that tamping there is complete. More stone will be applied to the road approaches to improve the level. A quarter of a mile beyond this, another good session (actually 2) has cleared a large amount of scrub, opening up the views. A couple of good fires next weekend should dispose of all this.
With the coming of Royal Scot next weekend, Weighbridge Teas will again be open to give all our visitors a warm welcome. They will be open every day that Royal Scot is running.

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