5th-10th March 2017

Well we’ve made it to Friday, and achieved quite a lot! Monday dawned bright and sunny and we welcomed the first of our Network Rail colleagues, who came to help us. The first task was quite simple, move a pear tree from against the Weighbridge to a sunnier site. Following this, it was down to the ditch to install the remaining 22 clay pipes. We continued the installation method trialled on Sunday, and all the pipes were in by lunchtime! Some of the ditch required further clearing of roots and growth towards the end of the pipe run, and beyond, to ensure the water runs away. After lunch it was time to get out the paint brush, with further undercoats applied inside the CCT. The ends and west side of the NER box van body were given a coat of black barn paint by a second gang. Following an afternoon tea break, the PW Engineering Train arrived ready for us to load all the stone (moved onto the platform over the weekend), together with tools, cement mixer, ladder etc. etc. All Aboard! for a ride to site to unload all the stone and materials.
Tuesday commenced the rebuilding of the washed out retaining wall, including collecting stone from the river where the flooding had carried it away. Good use was made of the PW digger and it’s driver Pete! Slightly south, the scrub burning continued with a large fire disposing of a goodly amount.
Wednesday continued the stone rebuilding, with driver Pete lowering the large stones into place with his digger. Quarter of a mile away, 3 fires allowed the disposal of a further large amount of cut scrub. A further section was cut down to ensure we leave the whole area neat and tidy. Work had to stop to allow a DB Cargo ballast train through our work site – it was off to drop ballast nearer the Station. A start (with a bit of redesign!) has been made on construction of a new cupboard to house the new till and computer in the Booking Office. It will also house the printer and include some storage space to tidy up the Office. More undercoat was also applied to the CCT.
Thursday was the best day of the week, weather wise, and the retaining wall is rising out of the ground very well. The last of the scrub was burnt and the site left neat and tidy. Back at the station, gloss paint was applied to the CCT and the SW planks were fixed into place on the NER van body.
Today, Friday, the rest of the new planks were fixed into place on the NER van body, all the screw holes filled, and the whole side and both ends given a second coat of barn paint. The East side, untouched so far, has been cleaned down and repainted as well. On the CCT, most of the loose roof boards have been bolted down – only 70 bolts left to fix! The last of the undercoat has been applied to the ceiling, now all it needs is a lot of glossing.
At The Grange foot crossing, the waterlogged path approach has had the side ditch recut to allow it to dry out. A rubber panelled foot crossing deck has been delivered from the Station, on a PW trolley pushed uphill for half a mile!
Weighbridge Teas have supported us all week, in-between giving the building a good spring clean and beginning work on a new counter.
Only 2 days left to go now on our Winter Work Week and there is still plenty to do, so do come down and join in!

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