14th-17th April 2017

We hope you all had a Happy Easter. The weather has been mixed, although predominantly dry, which has led to great contrasts in the sales at the Weighbridge. Some days they were running out of ice cream whilst others it was hot soup and pies! Overall though, they have had a good long weekend and now for a request, does anyone have a good under counter fridge available? If so, the Weighbridge Team would love to hear from you. You can contact them via the website or call 01751 473427 and leave a message.
Meanwhile, on the Station, the CCT is now structurally complete again (for a while) with door runners refixed, timber cover plates refitted and the whole lot given a coat of paint. The west side exterior has been sanded down, wire wheeled (on the steelwork), primed where necessary and then undercoated. A start has been made applying the top coat, but there is more to cover.
On the NER box van body, a start has been made on the east side frame repair; well actually it became the east side frame renewal! We had hoped to keep half the side frame but on close exam it proved to be in very poor condition. We have now removed it and made a new frame unit ready for installation later. Two of the corner post bottoms are also rotten, leading to these being trimmed back to solid wood and new hardwood pieces made as replacements. These were a challenge as they have 2 mortices that have to be cut, at different heights, on different faces! The rotten headstock on the south end is being chiselled out and the metal straps, drawbar plate, and corner brackets carefully removed. This metalwork is now cleaned down and given a coat of primer.
Elsewhere on the Station other painting continues; with the latest half mile post now ready for dispatch back down the line. Several steel road pins have also been painted into Station orange.
The grass cutting season is now in full swing and the ride on mower now sports a new (pre-loved) seat, which is a great improvement for the operator.
The gardening continues with more well-rotted horse manure collected for digging in. The daffodils are coming to the end of their season after a good display over the last few weeks. General weeding continues, as does trimming old the bushes to ensure a good display this season.

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