1st, 2nd April 2017

Another 4 fires this weekend have finally cleared the last of the cut scrub, so far. The whole quarter mile section now looks very neat and tidy. There are still some more trees and scrub to cut, but these may now have to wait until this autumn’s clearance sessions. We were again supported by the Junior Volunteers, who collected and burned the cut scrub with us.
Back at the Station work has concentrated on the CCT, with another section of the top beam having to be cut out and replaced. We had hoped this section would be good enough without work but a close inspection has shown that not to be the case, with rot throughout its length once we removed the steel cover plate.
The east side top door beam has been replaced on the NER box van body, and the whole east side sanded down and given another coat of paint. The warm weather is encouraging the grass to grow, so it’s out with the ride on mower again to deal with it. The picnic tables are back in the paddock ready for use now the better weather is with us.
Weighbridge Teas have had an excellent week, with plenty of customers coming to see Royal Scot. Close observers would have noticed that the Weighbridge now sports a new server worktop, installed especially for the start of this season. You can also pay by card there now, with the installation of more modern technology at our Station! Cart sales have done well, with rail ends going like the proverbial hot cakes.

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