8th, 9th April 2017

What a lovely hot, sunny weekend. Work has concentrated on the wagons this weekend. On the NER box van, the replacement north end grab handle has been ‘adjusted’ to fit the existing bolt positions. The rotten lower panel beam on the east side has been knocked out; the steel angle brackets undone and removed; the drop down door taken off and the old, rotten and rusty bolts knocked out of the timber underframe.
The new top beam for the CCT has been installed, together with a new upright that has been morticed into it. The whole beam has then been through bolted, with the door runner girder remounted on the outside of it. This sounds easy, but there were 2 days hard work involved to get to this stage. Elsewhere on the wagon, a new window top frame been is being made to replace the existing, which is rotten.
On the Palvan, the warm weather has allowed the roof steelwork to receive a quick clean down and then primer, undercoat and topcoat has been applied. This should allow us to start replacing the timber roof panels next weekend (weather permitting!).
The General Room exterior has benefitted from a good scrub down and rinse clean, to remove the loco soot and the green mould which grows on it over time.
In the volunteer accommodation all the carpets have been given a major clean down and are now as good as new, thanks to one of our members bringing in a professional cleaner.
Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend with ice creams selling like hot cakes (which also sold). They are looking for more helpers, could you be those people? Come down any weekend for a chat and see what is involved.

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