13th, 14th May 2017

After another hard day lifting and laying stone sleeper blocks, phase 1 of the retaining wall rebuild is complete! The adjacent sections of wall have had the faces cleared of vegetative growth, revealing the whole length which fortunately is not too bad.
Back at the Station, more metalwork has been cleaned down and painted for the box van body and the new pseudo body for Goathland. The CCT has had its final top coat applied inside (that we can reach!) and the carts temporarily stored outside are now back in place again. The box van body has had further woodwork framing manufactured to replace rotten parts.
The Exhibition Van has had its displays refreshed and is ready for re-opening next weekend. The small bar tent has been erected, also ready for next weekend, in the Station Yard. Next weekend is the Behind The Scenes/Family Weekend along the railway. As part of this we will be hosting a model railway and display about the Rosedale Railway and mines in the tent. We hope to have the Pickering Experimental Engineers and Modellers Society, who will be bringing a short miniature railway and offering rides up and down the yard.
Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend, helped by the glorious weather today (after a damp start). The regular crew are on holiday for a week, but our other team members have ably held the fort.

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