29th April-1st May 2017

It’s been another 3 day weekend, allowing us to get even more done than normal!
On Saturday it was time for some more tree pruning, but not along the lineside. This time it was in and near the Paddock where small trees were rapidly growing into large trees, and also overhanging adjacent properties and where we site the marquees.
Up the line, at the 14 milepost washout, the rest of the gang were getting their hands (and some even their feet!) wet, recovering stone from the river which belonged in the retaining wall. Quite a bit has been moved to the site, ready for lifting out. We know they are ours as the stones are whole or half pieces of the old railway sleeper blocks, with the 2 holes in for the cast iron chairs! Hopefully we can start lifting these out, and back into the wall, next weekend.
Back at the Station, the CCT sides have been given their second top coat and now look rather smart. The marquee roof has been taken down and a new canvas cut and fitted. At the moment it is only temporarily held in place, whilst we wait for it to settle and the creases to ease out, before we permanently fit it in place. Hopefully this will keep it dry and watertight for a good long time.
Work continues on the NER van body, with the 3 pieces of new framing on the East side now cut ready for gluing together. On the same side, the drop down door metalwork has been cleaned down, rusted bolts freed and the woodworm attacked timber removed. Three new door planks have also been fitted, the steelwork given a good wire wheel clean, and the whole door given a couple of coats of primer and an undercoat. The west side door steelwork has had it’s new wood trial fitted, planed to size and also given a coat of primer.
The gutter to the rear of the station yard shed has been adjusted and a start made on repositioning the water butt. This will be welcomed by the gardeners to keep the vegetable patch nearby well watered. They have been busy around the Station, moving plants and keeping the gardens well manicured.
6 old fire buckets have come out of store. They are being cleaned down and repainted ready for use at Wartime Weekend fully lettered in French!
Weighbridge Teas have provided a steady flow of hot and cold snacks for our visitors and passengers. The new litter bin is now in place and the old one dismantled for re-use.

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