10th, 11th June 2017

‘Normal’ service has now resumed. With a wet Saturday, work concentrated on the NE van body as we can work on it under a marquee sheet and keep dry! The bottom beam on the east side has now been bolted and glued together. The horizontal door bolts have been drilled through this beam and the main frame. The new vertical door upright has been spliced into the frame and bolted into place. All is now ready to accept the repaired drop down door.
Following the failure of our small ride on mower (due to engine seizure), one of our Wombles has donated us his old, larger, ride on mower, for which we are very grateful. It came with a new battery and it didn’t take long to get the front lights working! All it now needs is a repaint and the application of flame stickers and it will really go!
The gardeners have been busy today, as everything seems to be growing extra fast with all the rain and sun recently. The roses should be a treat this year, looking at the number of buds on them.
The wagon turntable parts have all been separated, ready for a clean down and repaint. All the old seized bolts have been knocked out – which was surprising as we expected to have to burn them out with oxy acetylene!
We have shunted the Yard again, to get ready for re-wheeling the NER van body. The milk tanker is now on the siding adjacent to the running line, so it has been given a good clean down to remove the green and brown dirt all over it. The Junior Volunteers have helped complete the 2 new end panels for the Goathland shed. The panels now boast insulation as well! They also sent a team to Newtondale Halt to cut the grass and generally keep the station looking smart.
We were entertained on Saturday afternoon by some Morris dancers – male and female in 2 Sides. Unfortunately the weather was not kind to them, so the musicians had to play under umbrellas!
Weighbridge Teas have had a steady trade with a steady stream of visitors, plus the Juniors today as well.

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