13th, 17th, 18th June 2017

Blimey, it’s been that hot ‘it reminds me of when I was in Punjab…….’
The hot weather has slowed us down a bit, just a bit, this weekend; mostly as we had to keep stopping to top us our liquids!
With the help of 10 Network Rail staff, who were undertaking a day of voluntary service here, on Tuesday, we were able to wire wheel and prime most of both main top castings of the wagon turntable. At the same time, 4 steel cover plates were also tackled. At the Camping Coach, the old peeling non-slip tape was removed and all the rusty metalwork on the treads and landings were cleaned off and wire wheeled. The 2 wheel sets benefitted from a coat of grey undercoat. Finally, the scrub has been lopped down on the west side, from the south end of the platform to the end of the loop. Our thanks to them for helping us to push a project forwards.
On Saturday Michael and Stephen went off to Goathland, to operate the mini digger for the Junior Volunteers and Lineside Fencing Team. A blocked lineside ditch was cleared out, allowing the water to drain into the river. This was done in conjunction with the fencing team as they removed the old fence, allowing the machine in, and then replaced it over the rest of this weekend. Meanwhile, back at the Station, work continued cleaning and priming the wagon turntable castings – both are now looking much better. The wheel sets have received a coat of black gloss, and now sport white wall tyres. On the Camping Coach the rest of the metalwork on both sets of steps has been cleaned down and primed. The treads have received undercoat and one set is now in gloss (we have to keep one set always available to the users during the day).
The time has finally come for the Palvan to have its roof replaced. Once the marquee sheet had been removed we were able to complete the cleaning down of the roof steelwork. A coat of primer was then applied. The new plywood came out of store and has been screwed into place on the top. A layer of thin carpet and the wagon sheet was laid in place but time prevented us fixing it down. Consequently, a smaller tarpaulin has been fitted over the top, as it has tie down cleats, to hold it all in place.
The second drop down door for the new NER van has had the final timber parts fitted, following painting this week. The shrub planters and the running in board posts have been given a coat of white masonry paint. The ‘new’ lawnmower has been out, keeping the grass under control.
Weighbridge Teas have had a very good weekend with lots of demand for cold drinks and ice cream. Even so, sandwiches, bacon butties and cakes were selling fast.

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