24th, 25th, 29th, 30th July 2017

With Elvisham returned to Levisham, we were joined by the Junior Volunteers on Monday. Unfortunately the weather was not kind, but they were able to help tidy some bit and pieces up and make some more frames for the Goathland stores van. Later on in the week they came back and lifted the stage floors and put them back into store. In the Station Yard they gave all the painted wagon turntable parts a coat of black bitumastic. The final picnic bench was delivered to Grosmont; we know it got there safely as it was spotted on the Webcam being manhandled along the platform by the Juniors.
Saturday dawned dry, so it was time to dismantle the Beer Tent and put it all away. The main tent is remaining up, ready for the Shadows music event on Sunday 6th August. Both the Tea Hut and a Bar will be available for our visitors, along with Weighbridge Teas.
Talking of the Tea Hut, this has now returned to its usual green colour following its ‘holiday’ as an American Diner. The NER van body has also received some paint when the new pieces, let in last week, were finished off and bolted firmly into place. The floor has also been refitted, following the fitting of new lower side planks on the inside (the old ones had rotted).
Weighbridge Teas has been bedecked with blue Yorkshire bunting ready for Yorkshire Day. It was a quieter weekend for them after last weekend’s events, they are hoping next weekend will be as busy…..

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