7th-9th July 2017

It’s been another glorious weekend. It was a 3 day session this time, as we were again joined by some colleagues from Network Rail (NR) who came to volunteer for a day with us. They undercoated the wagon turntable parts, previously cleaned and primed by another NR group; wire wheeled some more parts and got those primed; sanded down and primed the Station side of the NER van; and, finally, spread and levelled the latest spoil delivery north of our storage huts.
On Saturday we completed the fixing down of the roof of the CCT, including making a ‘sandwich’ finish on each end where the canvas is turned over. The skirtings on the front of the Yard shed have been completed, together with the cover strips over the vertical planks and doors. Another 3 picnic benches have been put together, and were delivered to Grosmont on Sunday morning. Thanks must go to some MPD workers who assisted in carrying them along the platform at Grosmont, as the brake van on the train was well down towards the Whitby end.
Some of the metal parts of the wagon turntable had been bent before we took delivery of them. Fortunately we have a Geoff – who has a big hammer and a gas torch which bent most of them back into shape.
Today saw the undercoating of the primed wagon turntable steelwork, the priming and undercoating of the aluminium strips along the roof edges of the CCT, and the undercoating of the NER van side. The grounded van body cover sheet has finally been removed and the 2 drop down doors fitted, allowing both sides to be closed. All the grass has been cut and strimmed, another regular task which has to be undertaken.
Weighbridge Teas have been kept busy, with ice creams going particularly well in the hot weather. More silver paint has been applied to the Tea Hut, touching up parts missed earlier. It’s only 2 weeks now until Elvisham; where we will have Elvis performing. Both Weighbridge Teas and the Tea Hut will be open, together with the Real Ale bar in the paddock!

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