19th, 20th August 2017

We’ve had another nice weekend weather wise. The grass continues to grow, so the mower and strimmer have been out dealing with it. The pot holes opposite the cottage have been filled with old tarmac pieces, which we’ve had in ‘store’ for a while. Hopefully this will keep the road in good condition for a while longer. Some of the planks on the NER van on the dock were rotten, so they have been slid out and the wood behind prepared to receive ‘new’ ones. The corner post has also seen better days so this has been cut out back to good timber, ready for a new piece to be spliced in. The gardeners have been starting the great rose tidying exercise this weekend. There is still a lot more to do. The vegetable patch has continued to supply us with fruit and several large marrows, some of which are now chutney.
Up the line, at the 14 milepost washout, we have been preparing the site ready for next weekend, when we have possessions on Sunday and Monday nights to get the wall rebuild completed. We will be using the Pway’s digger to lift the heavy stones into place, which is why we need the possession. We have also tested our flood lights, as we will need to get those set up ready as well.
We had a Junior Volunteers working party this weekend carrying out grass cutting and tidying at Newtondale Halt, and working on the new grounded van body under construction for Goathland.
Weighbridge Teas have had another reasonable weekend and are already planning the Wartime catering needs (it’s not that long to go now). They are also getting organised for next Monday’s Hunmanby Villiage Band concert, which will take place in the paddock.

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