26th-29th August 2017

It’s a delayed blog for the Bank Holiday weekend, due to the works we undertook.
Saturday started with the weekly grass cutting marathon, which included collecting up the previously cut grass on the land opposite the cottage due to the amount of it. This allowed us to set up the large ‘beer’ tent and chairs ready for a BBQ in the evening. It was then time to go back up to mile post 14, to clear out the bottom of the washout hole ready for rebuilding the wall on Sunday.
40 members of the Station Group, friends, and neighbours gathered for a BBQ in the evening, where a wonderful time was had by all. It was worth the whole day it took do the catering to see everyone enjoying themselves.
With a bright day on Sunday it was time to move the tent into the Paddock ready for Hunmanby Village Brass, who were visiting us on Monday. We had been informed Goathland Station Group were having a clear out, so we went to visit and see if any of it was any use to us. Glad to say it was, so we came back on the train with 4 wheelbarrows full! It was then time for an early dinner prior to the main event – the rebuilding of the retaining wall at mile post 14. We had arranged for an overnight possession to allow us to work with the PW Dept and their digger (due to the proximity of the running line to the site, we cannot use the digger when trains run). We set lots of lights up and Peter, the digger driver, could commence lifting the large stones down to the waiting Wombles at the bottom of the wall. It was steady away all evening and into the night. By 1:30 am the wall was just about complete, so a halt was called for the night. A lie in was called for on Monday morning, before it was time to set up the Paddock for the band. They duly performed for our visitors in the afternoon and it was very pleasant to listen too, whilst we pottered around at our workshop coach. Once they finished it was time to take down and put away the tent, leaving a tidy paddock before another early dinner.
It was then time to go back up the line for a second evening/night of work at mile post 14. Pete again joined us, helping to complete this section of wall. We have marked the limit of the repair by using a chaired stone sleeper block at each end. It was then moving onto digging off the overburden/excess ash/stone ballast to lower the land down to the top of the retaining wall. This helped expose the next 2 sections of collapsed wall, which in reality is one big repair; something for later. The excess spoil was moved by dumper further down the line and spread and levelled. A 2am finish this time concluded the works for now. Another lie in was called for, before we returned to site to tidy up after the works.
We must not forget Weighbridge Teas, and the Tea Hut, who were both open all weekend and the Bank Holiday Monday at the Station for our visitors and to support the band. The big task of maintaining the gardens also continues, with the cutting back of the roses now they have finished their wonderful display. It’s a never ending job. Work on the Palvan door continues with the framing now coming together following major repairs to the verticals and replacement horizontal spars.

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