9th, 10th September 2017

Work began in earnest this weekend on this years ‘secret weapon’ for Le Visham’s Wartime Weekend. A two front approach was adopted with help from our re-enactor colleagues. What is it, we can’t tell you – you’ll have to come and see it!
It was also Family and Junior Weekend so the station was awash with orange! They have helped us by sanding down the rear of the Tea Hut and all the Paddock Hut. They even managed to get a coat of paint on before the weather spoilt itself, again. Elsewhere a separate group continued the manufacture of the side panels for the new fake box van body whilst another group were out lopping scrub along the lineside at the station. Yet another group were wire wheeling one of the base castings for the turntable. Unfortunately the rain came before they could finish it and get a coat of primer on them, but the worst of the job is done. Everyone had a good time and we look forward to seeing them all again shortly.
In the Station Yard we have installed most of the cold water plumbing inside the kitchen shed and fitted edge trims to the doorway. A new delivery of timber poles have been placed under cover and some more roofing laths have been de-nailed and put into store. The pair of marquee poles, made last weekend have been given a further sand down and the metalwork fitted at the tops. One of our long wooden ridge poles has been shortened to suit the green marquee to replace the original poles. The tying back of the roses continues….The Palvan door is now complete and looks like a door, with the repaired frame parts screwed onto the plywood back board. A start has been made on repainting it all.
Weighbridge Teas had a steady weekend although it did get very busy when the Juniors came for drinks!

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