13th, 14th, 15th and 16th October 2017

Wow, what a weekend! Excellent weather, stunning displays and lots and lots of visitors. So what did you miss? – North of the level crossing was the Wurzburg Fu MG A-D Radar, used to located aircraft and pass the information onto the 2cm Flakvierling 38 (4 barrel anti-aircraft gun), by radio, which would then shoot them out of the sky. These were manned by a detachment of Luftwaffe radar technicians and Helferin (female auxiliaries) respectively. The radar and flak were built by our re-enactor colleagues and ourselves as a joint exercise.
The General Room, on the Down Platform was taken over by the German Army for their Radio Room. Inside there was a display of Radio Equipment, field telephone equipment and maps. Did you look at the maps showing Invasion routes into Southern England!
South of the station in the Paddock was the living history tented display where the soldiers rested, cleaned their kit and slept. Alongside was the gun and mortar display where the different types of gun were displayed, explained and then demonstrated.
In the field alongside was a crashed Meschersmitt ME109 and the soldiers demonstrated how to get the pilot out when his cockpit is jammed shut. Fortunately they got him out just before the fuel tanks exploded.
If this sounds exhausting, Le Tea Hut and Weighbridge Teas offered take away snacks and drinks but if you wanted something more substantial, the Café Alle du Bois offered a sit down dinner and bar. A new line this year was Bouef Bourguignon or Vegetable Cassoulet de Legumes, all served on proper crockery, not polystyrene. The whole team were worn out! Entertainment was provided inside the huge marquee by Luna Nightingale.
Over 60 of our re-enactor colleagues joined nearly 30 Wombles and 20 Catering staff and volunteers to put on this event. As usual, a joint Saturday night 3 course dinner was prepared by MacWomble for 90 of us, followed by a disco for everyone to let their hair down.
All we have to do now is take it all down and put it away, easy!?!

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