3rd, 4th, 5th November

Well the passenger trains may have finished, but we are still going strong.
On Friday, Weighbridge Teas were open to welcome 12 Velocipedes to Levisham. These unusual rail vehicles then went for a ‘run’ to Goathland and back, quite a stiff pull both ways over the railway’s steep gradients. Following this event, Weighbridge Teas are now closed until the Christmas week running. They will be open on the 27th-29th of December, from 11am until 3pm each day.
On the Station, the gardens have been topped up with more well-rotted manure. We have recovered another length of poor fencing from north of the Station, alongside the land now cleared of forest. Any re-useable posts and rails have been put aside and will be brought back to the Station to go into store, the rest has been used to top up our bonfire; as yesterday was time for the annual Womble Bonfire and Firework display. The bonfire itself was excellent, as were the fireworks and sparklers. The fire was ‘topped up’ again today with more rotten fencing and general tree rubbish. The hot fire was ideal for ‘freeing up’ several bent and/or seized metal components, allowing them to then go into the winter paint shop for a coat of primer.
In the winter paint shop the three wicket gates, removed last weekend, have been sanded down and the rotten timber taken off. They will still need a couple more weeks to dry out before they can be repainted. Elsewhere in the room, a large number of metal components have been laid out and a start made on repainting them.
Up the line, near the 13 mile post, we have continued the lineside fencing renewal project, after a pause to allow the Forestry Commission to remove the trees close to the line without the new fence being damaged. This area is particularly wet, with old ditches in the adjacent land being blocked, leading to some very muddy boots and trousers.

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