27th-30th December 2017

We hope you all had a very Happy Christmas and didn’t over indulge in anything. Since the holiday we have been busy around the Station and its environs.
The white Christmas came a few days late, keeping us busy all Friday clearing the platforms and road (the whole damn hill, right up to the top cattle grid!). We only had around 1” of snow overall but it came over a 3 hour window, meaning we had to keep clearing the platforms for each train! To top it all we then had another inch of snow overnight meaning we had to do it all again. Some sledging was undertaken by the younger members of the gang.
The NER van has had a large old marquee sheet placed over it to allow us to work on the body in any weather. Since it was moved we have removed the rest of the rotten headstock and identified which new pieces of timber are required.
The Palvan door has had further coats of paint applied to make it ready for re-hanging, possibly tomorrow! The 6’ platform bench, currently in the General Room, has had the timber repair completed and been repainted.
Weighbridge Teas were in residence for a couple of days; the first being quiet, whilst the second was busier. Since then snow has curtailed business. They will re-open for the February half term weekends, after a well-earned rest.

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