13th, 14th January 2018

And now for something completely different….! We have been called out to help the Pway Dept. this weekend, out in the open in Northdale. They needed some assistance laying the new track out there – G44 concrete sleepers, and new 113lb/yd flat bottom rails. This was a bit different but we enjoyed the change. That doesn’t mean we didn’t do any lineside management, as there were several sections of scrub and small trees which needed to be removed whilst we were there! This should allow the ditch to be cleaned out as it’s blocked with grass, branches and rubbish; preventing the water from running away into the river.
Back at the Station the repainted 6’ bench has come out of the General Room to be replaced with another which needs a bit of TLC. The final wicket gate has been stripped of loose paint, revealing several sections which are rotten. Hopefully we will get these cut out next weekend.

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