6th, 7th January 2018

We hope you all had a happy New Year. Normal service (for us!) has resumed, with a return to the lineside clearance works north of the Station. First up has been the clearance of ditches, which had become blocked with leaves, scrub, roots and general detritus. They are now flowing a lot better. The only puzzle we have is that at lunchtime we had 2 spades amongst all our gear. When we returned they, and only they, had gone!
The hard frost on Saturday night, together with a light hail shower, left everything sparkly and hard on Sunday morning – ideal for getting that scrub down which was growing in a bog. So, back at the 13¾ mile post north of Platelayers crossing, we did just that, together with a lot of blackthorn and other scrub trees. We have opened up a nice glade area alongside the river shaded by a pair of large oaks.
Back at the Station, all the Christmas lights have come down and been packed up for another year. The Christmas tree outside the Cottage has been cut up ready for burning. All four wicket gates at the level crossing have been removed – 3 for their final coats of paint and the fourth for a strip down and repair (as necessary). Work has continued on the new headstock for the NER van, with further mortices cut out and the first of the holes for the buffer shafts drilled through.

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