11th, 12th February 2018

Well the trains have started again, and to celebrate this it snowed!  So, for the first trains we were out cleaning the platforms – again.  All four white wicket gates have been refitted; now they are smart and white again.  The second 6’ platform bench has also been completed and is ready to go out again (once the weather improves!).

On the NE van body, the new north end plank bottom frame has been made to fit and is ready for fixing back into place.  The other NE van, alongside the dock, now sports a sheet over it whilst we re-plank the west side and finish the frame repairs.

Up the line, between the 14½ and 14¾ mile posts, further scrub and small trees have been dropped, opening up further views of the river.  There is now quite a lot of material to burn, all the way between the 13½ and 14¾ mile posts.

Our Exhibition has opened for the year and is getting a refresh, with some new photos, a re-varnish and upgraded lighting.

Weighbridge Teas have re-opened for 2018.  A few hardy visitors came yesterday but it was busier today.

The ‘Annual Womble Work Week’ will be 17th-25th March inclusive this year.  We have a packed programme of works planned; including scrub bonfires (no surprise!), log collection, wagon restoration on both North Eastern vans, wagon turntable painting, and other jobs.  Weighbridge Teas will be opening to support us in our endeavours.  Please come and join us – the more the merrier!

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