17th, 18th February 2018

The North Eastern van, alongside the dock, has had the rotten planking removed. This revealed that the vertical planking behind was well past its best, so this was removed also. The wooden framing was cleaned down and given a liberal coat of wood preservative. The inner skin has been replaced with 2 layers of plywood. The steel exterior cross bracing has been unbolted (a lot easier said than done!), wire wheeled clean, and given a coat of primer.
A start has been made wire wheeling clean the ¾ mile post, recovered last weekend off the lineside.
North of Platelayers cottages we have begun the big burn, disposing of the cut brash and scrub which has been quietly drying out. A start has also been made clearing the railway’s retaining wall on the opposite side of the river. There is a lot more to do!
Weighbridge Teas have been in attendance again, selling hot drinks and ice creams to our visitors. The sales cart is having a repaint, to smarten it up ready for the main season.
Don’t forget you’d be welcome at the ‘Annual Womble Work Week’, which is running from the 17th-25th March inclusive. There will be lots of jobs to do, to suit all skills.

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