3rd, 4th February 2018

We start this update with news of a special train working last Wednesday; the railway had a visit from DB Cargo’s 66102 and 10 Network Rail auto ballaster wagons.  They had come to drop ballast on the re-laid track (which we assisted with 3 weeks ago!) in Northdale, and used Levisham to ‘run round’ the train before returning to the ‘Big Railway’.

At the Station, three of the level crossing wicket gates have received their final paint and touch up coats, ready for reinstalling next weekend.  The fourth has had filler applied where necessary and the paint completed on the rest of it.  This should be ready for installation next weekend as well.  The Exhibition van is getting a refresh; with some new photos being prepared and the woodwork getting a re-varnish.

We have returned to lineside management activities again, this time between the 14½ and 14¾ mile posts, clearing yet another pair of retaining walls of the trees and scrub which were growing in and over them.  This work has opened up a couple of pleasant views of the river for our passing passengers.  As usual there is quite a lot of scrub to burn and logs to remove.

Trains start next weekend for half term, and so does service at our Weighbridge.  Come and buy your drinks and cakes here, and help celebrate the start of the 2018 season!

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