10th, 11th March 2018

After the snow last weekend, we have experienced rain and mist for most of this one. The headstock has been successfully fitted on the NER van body, together with the first underframe section.
We were joined by the Junior Volunteers this weekend. They have helped us clean down a lot of cut rail ends ready for priming. A couple more loads of soil/spoil have been loaded and delivered to the Station to complete the embankment works.
Along the lineside we have had 3 good fires today. They were all slow to start, due to the damp weather, but again we have burnt a goodly amount of scrub.
Weighbridge Teas, who have been in residence all week for the visit of Tornado, sold a wide variety of goodies – including ice creams even though not all the snow has melted!
Our Womble Work Week commences next Saturday, for a 9 day bash. We have to resleeper the track next to the level crossing for the PWay; excavate and lay a duct for the S&T from the end of the Up platform to the points south of the Station; burn scrub and collect logs from along the lineside; re-roof the paddock hut; replank the NER van alongside the dock; etc., etc. Could you come and help us – all labour gratefully received. The Weighbridge team will also be in attendance to keep us fed and watered.

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