17th, 18th March 2018

Blimey, where did all this white stuff come from?! What a start to the work week. It was only 4 wheel drives at the top corner this morning so we set to, in a howling snow storm to dig out the drifting snow. We had just about finished when a tractor and snowplough turned up! It did the job though back down to the station. The road is now open again and safe for 2 wheel drive cars.
Even so, we have done very well work wise. First up was loading with a mini digger and fetching a couple of dump truck loads of spoil from Platelayers down to the Station to level some land. The track panel just off the north of the level crossing on the down (Grosmont) side has had several sleeper bays dug out ready to change 8 poor sleepers. The ‘new’ sleepers were delivered by Martyn from the Pway this afternoon by train.
Off the Up Platform a trench has been dug down to the yard siding to allow cable ducts to be laid. The ducts are in and most of the trench backfilled. Not surprisingly there is quite a bit of spoil to dispose of. The track access into the yard has been lifted to allow the trench to be dug through. Hopefully the trench will be completed down to the signals tomorrow.
Nearer the end of the loop an Under Track Crossing (UTX) has been excavated and, as it got dark tonight, the ducts were laid into position.
For the rest of the week, we have to finish all these jobs and a few others as well including a lot of scrub burning along the line. Can you help us this week please, we are here every day?

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