21st, 22nd April 2018

Well, normal service has resumed after last weekend’s split party. The final few small scrub fires have been had north of Platelayers, and the last of the logs have been recovered from site. Along this cleared section a lot of wild flowers are now coming into bloom, and will look good from the train and road.
At the Station the NER van body is now having its first top coat applied. Pre-loved springs (dated 1895!) and buffer shanks have been brought out of store, and a start has been made on cleaning them up ready for attaching. Opposite the Weighbridge and Yard Entrance, the grass has been trimmed back where it was encroaching onto the road. Talking of grass, all the ‘lawns’ have had their first cut of the season – which has smartened up the whole Station.
We have been supported by the Junior Volunteers today, who have continued making the replica box van body for eventual erection at Goathland. The rebuilt Palvan door has been fully bolted up and is now nearly ready for a final topcoat. On the NER van the final few loose boards have been screwed back into place, and this is now ready for a final top coat.
Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend, the excellent weather really bringing the visitors in (as well as the JVs who needed topping up with drinks and sustenance).

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