28th, 29th April 2018

It’s been a bumper weekend of work, with over 20 Wombles in attendance each day. In the Paddock the last sheet of roofing has been fixed into place and the grass has been cut again– it had grown 4” over the last week.
On the NER box van body the sides are now in their final grey topcoat, whilst the external face of the underframe is all in black gloss. At the south end the new underframe sections have been trimmed and bolted into place.
The Palvan refit has continued; with stores moved out and the metalwork spares moved in. The rotten ply end section has also been chopped out.
The VEA van has been tidied up and additional stores placed into it.
The GER van has been emptied, cleaned out, and the hardwood spares restacked; the ladders have also been hung on the walls.
The Warehouse has been cleared of stores and one of the workbenches has been removed.
The NER van on the Dock has had the steel strapping bolted back into place, now the new planks are in place.
The ‘kitchen’ tent has been erected over the Dock, to provide undercover materials storage whilst all this re-organisation takes place.
The ‘new’ springs for the van body have been cleaned down and dosed with oil to protect them; the ‘new’ buffer shanks have been cleaned down and given a coat of primer.
Several sheets of punched steel racking have been cleaned down and primed.
The grass has been cut around the Yard entrance, and the daffodils dead headed.
The entrance hall in the Volunteer Accommodation has been cleaned out and redecorated.
Weighbridge Teas have had another decent weekend – they had to go out for additional supplies today!

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  • Mike Shaw:

    I see that the teak carriage vandals got away with it, just slightly inconvenienced by having to appear in court !!. Shame !,

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