6th-8th April 2018

It’s finally stopped raining! During the week we continued with making and fitting replacement underframe timbers for the North Eastern van. The new headstock also sports paint, allowing us to bolt on the external steel support brackets this weekend – plus fitting the remaining bolts in the north end. A start has been made on painting the body into North Eastern grey livery.
The two mileposts have received their final paint schemes, with the lettering completed by using a very small paint brush. This has allowed the General Room to return to its normal smart state.
The paddock hut has received its replacement corrugated iron roof – hopefully this will last longer than the felt.
North of Platelayers, we have managed to get the last of the large scrub heaps burnt. We have also repaired the lineside fence where several timber rails were missing. Yes, we did use recycled rails; recovered from the major fence renewals last year. Most of the timber has now been cleared from site.
Weighbridge Teas had a much better weekend than last, with a steady stream of visitors wanting to sample their wares.
Our littlest Womble has now become an official volunteer; having had his induction into the Junior Volunteers.

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