19th, 20th May 2018

We’ve had another glorious weekend of weather at Levisham. The midweek shunt went well, with both the GUV and the green BG coach leaving the Station; whilst the green Palvan has been moved into the Yard on the front siding. This van has a poor pair of doors on the west side, so first up was their temporary repair to make them secure. The 2 ends and the west side were then scraped clean and given 2 coats of black fence paint to smarten it up.
The NER van body now looks like a proper wagon; the wheel sets are now underneath and the body itself lowered to the correct height. The Exhibition van ends have been repainted in early BR bauxite, and the VEA now sports bright yellow ends. The Palvan framing has been completed and the old generator exhaust exit plate has been removed, with “new” ply bolted into place. Eagle eyed visitors will have noted that several of our vans now sport their numbers; hand painted with care. More wagons will follow over the next few weeks.
The grass around the Station has been strimmed round the edges; the main areas will be cut later this week. The final 12’ platform bench is now out in situ, following its repaint last week, whilst another with a poor back piece has had its beam replaced and repainted.
This weekend was also Family Volunteering Weekend; with Junior Volunteers and family groups working around the Station and at Newtondale Halt.
The Weighbridge team have been kept very busy all weekend keeping the Junior and Family Volunteers fed and watered, along with quite a lot of visitors who also sampled their wares.

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