23rd, 24th June 2018

Cor Wot a Scorcher! Oh, and I believe England won in some football game as well.
At the Station, work has progressed on several fronts. The south end roof of the Palvan is now firmly screwed and mastic-ed into place. The south end itself has been wire wheeled and sanded down, the bare places primed, and then a coat of undercoat applied.
The new box van body shed for Goathland has had the roof hoops fitted with timber pieces, ready to accept the roof covering, and the hoops themselves have been bolted into position.
The NER van body in the siding has had the final section of new underframe cut, fitted, adjusted, fitted, adjusted, fitted, and finally glued and bolted into place. Hopefully we can get the final W iron fitted next weekend and then get the springs correctly installed.
The long grass in the Station Yard has been strimmed to expose the wagon turntable parts, as we hope to get the final pieces cleaned down over the next fortnight or so. A lot of the weeds growing along the fence line have been pulled out, leaving it all much tidier for our visitors.
Weighbridge Teas have done well again, with ice creams selling like hot cakes. Let’s hope this good weather continues. A start has been made preparing some silver boards, ready to convert the green Tea Hut into an American Diner for the 60’s Weekend – when we are transformed into Elvisham. Both outlets and the Real Ale Bar will be open for this event. Come and sample our wares whilst listening to the Elvis tribute act, and looking at the memorabilia they bring of the ‘King’.

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